Sunday, December 5, 2010

The best kind... dysfunctional!!!

I do believe I have had the best weekend EVER!!!

There is an indoor water park near Cedar Point; Kalahari. I have never been, and neither have my kids. Well, we went; along with 5 other families from Kyle's traveling soccer team. I couldn't have gone with a more fabulous group of people! We had the time of our lives!

I noticed this past weekend just how much Kyle has evolved. What I mean by that, is he has come out of his shell so much since he joined this team. I seen a change in him, a change that as a mother I am thrilled!

He participates and laughs and plays and is noticeably happier! Not only was this a great trip, but it was also something that he needed. He has a collection of brothers!!!

I sat back today and watched him... watched him hanging out with the boys! It was the best thing I have ever seen. I also realized how each of us, moms, have another 12 kids to love... along with their brothers and sisters! We are one giant dysfunctional family... The best kind!!!