Saturday, December 18, 2010

Filled with Happiness...

I am filled with the spirit of Christmas! Oh the joy and happiness I have coursing through my veins just makes me smile from ear to ear!!!

I ventured out to do some shopping... Always the last minute shopper so this is still early for me! haha... Well, I had expected to come across a hoard of angry bitter people, but I believe that the spirit is in us all! So many wonderfully polite people!

Well, even the little old lady walked up to me at the store and said, "Oh God Bless you honey! Three little ones and one on the way!" I just smiled and wished her a Merry Christmas as well. But really??? For starters I have been losing way... Secondly... I had a tiny little belly bump. That's it, just from having just having finished eating. Still find it funny!

I love shopping for gifts for others. I love to give! It makes my heart smile! I could have just kept on shopping all day and all night if it weren't for needing money to do so! hahahaha!!!

To top off my wonderful day of shopping, the kids and I are watching Jim Carrey's A Christmas Carol. I love this movie!!! A great night with my babies makes this mamma a happy lady!!!