Monday, December 20, 2010


I am going to be 31 in two short months. Now, I don't care about age. It is merely a number. To me it really doesn't mean much. Yes, I guess in some areas of my life (like planning for retirement-which doesn't often cross my mind) I should be more concerned with it, but well, I'm just not.

Yet, as my next birthday sneaks it's way into existence I have come to think of things that I once thought I would have accomplished by the time I was 30 or at least things I should have known about.

However, I am not where I had planned to be all those years ago! Am I unhappy about that? No! Yes, I was married and I do have 3 beautiful and amazing children. I was unhappily married for sure. I do not ever one day in my life regret the decision I made to move forward and free myself from a marriage that was slowly dragging me down.

However, being 3o, I figured if I didn't know it all, I would be pretty damned close to figuring it all out. WOW! Was I wrong!!! I am no closer to knowing anything about even the slightest something, than I was 10... 15... 20 years ago!

With age come wisdom... I want to meet the dope who came up with that!