Friday, December 3, 2010

One proud Mama!!!!

I took the kids to dinner tonight! Kyle and I were discussing how his one friend isn't the best influence and I was informing him of the things he will lose if he shows any signs of acting like this boy he is friends with. Kyle mentioned how this boy is always lying and well Cadence chimed in.

She mentioned that a lot of her friends also lie. She told me her bestest friend lies all the time. She said to me, "Mommy, she lied today! She kept saying that she is stupid!" I asked her if that is what she said.

She told that she looked at her friend and told her, "You are not stupid! You are very smart!" Cadence told me it made her sad that her friend thinks she is stupid. She doesn't know why should would ever say it, but she has talks with her to make sure she knows that she is not stupid. She even told me that she brings in another friend too... so that they can both tell her.

It made me so proud to be her mother... I am proud to be the mother of all three of them!!!