Monday, March 16, 2009

Decent Monday....

It is another Monday... and as Monday's go, this one wasn't as bad as they usually are. It has been a sweet blessing that it has been so slow sailing. Yet, the easiness of today makes me question what the rest of the week will be like???

Kyle went back to school today, he is feeling much better. Thank goodness! He just walked in from school and said he had a pretty busy day. So he is going to relax and then start on all the work that he missed out on. Poor thing!!!

Cadence went to school today too. She said she had a great day. She is always so full of energy, but the poor thing is slowly passing out on the couch while watching Sponge Bob Squarepants as I type.

I had my friend's son Peyton today and that was a blast. He surely doesNOT like the word no, especially when it is directed to him. He was sticking some things in the rabbit's cage... Pey-pey, NO... waaahhhhhh!!!! Then he was eating popcorn and gave me the evil eye... I told him not to even think about it. What did that little turd do??? He threw the bag down and then started picking pieces out and throwing them. So he lost the popcorn and was told NO throwing! Well, there came the tears again...

Him and Kaleb have so much fun together. It is nice that they can occupy themselves with each other so that I can clean and what not. I got quite a bit done today. I was able to clean the refrigerator... It was disgusting!!!! YUCK!!!! That took the whole morning. Well, my nice paced day continued with cleaning the kitchen and living room and mopping the floors. Ahhh to have clean floors.

Well, now that my post is completely boring... I have some news. I am excited to say that I am going to see another doctor for my second opinion tomorrow. He had a cancellation for tomorrow and they put me in. I was thrilled to hear it. The woman who scheduled the appointment told me that I will probably have to get another ultrasound and that doc will probably tell me where the best place to go is.

Well, since I have nothing of great interest to spew out on the screen, I must get Kyle motivated to do his homework... or he will never get caught up.

Until another time... much love to you all!


Jen said...

That is great to hear that you have another apt. tomorrow. Hopefully this Dr will know what the hell he/she is doing!! I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!

See you on Wednesday!!