Thursday, March 12, 2009

fevers and waiting not fun

Well, my big little man is sick. Kyle just spiked a high fever out of nowhere on Tuesday evening. It was a bit surprising but I wasn't too worried. I thought that it was a fluked fever and all would be ok after a day of resting and sleeping. Yesterday was just the day for that. I kept the kids home and Kyle pretty much just slept the entire day away. It was good for him. Other than when his brother and sister were stinkers and kept running into the living room screaming and stomping... I swear sometimes they can be so rotten.

His fever will only break slightly and shoot right back up before his next dose of Motrin. He is eating and drinking very well. So my nerves have been calmed. I get really worried when my usually wild and crazy kids aren't themselves.

He didn't go to school again today. He is still not doing well. I am going to call the school and have them get his homework ready for me so that we can have the whole weekend to do it. I really don't think he will be going back til next week.

I did get a great phone call this morning. Late last week we had Kyle's blood work done to check and make sure that he doesn't have anything chemically imbalanced or anything underlying that would cause him to not be gaining weight or even losing it. The doctor's office called to give me the great news that he is healthy in that aspect. Our next step is a dietitian. We have been looking for one now for about a week. We want to make sure we find one that will fit right in and get Kyle to get. I am half temped to tell Jason to find a hot chic so that Kyle will listen to her. Hey it worked with his good looking teacher. He actually listens to what she says and he doesn't want to ever disappoint her.

Although I got one great phone, I still haven't received another one that I keep waiting for. I decided to call my doctors office yesterday to see when they would get the results back and I was told that it could take 3 to 4 days. OHHHH GOOD GOD!!!!! Can I really wait that long? Looks like I have no choice but to.

I have calmed down some now that I know that I will have to wait until about Monday. I am keeping a positive attitude with the information that I may be getting and truly hope that everything works out for the best.

I have done some additional research on dense breast tissue and learned that the ultrasound if preformed properly and by a "seasoned" tech that it would be the best way to tell mass over dense tissue... So that made me a little better. Yet, the ultrasound tech, to me, was rushed and I don't feel she was very thorough. I just have to wait at this point and will have to go from there.

Until later... much love to you all!!!!


Deb@Mommie Mayhem said...

Aww I hope he feels better soon !!