Monday, March 23, 2009

Donde estes el bano?

So as you may have guessed it... I am a blogging junkie! If I were attached to a laptop or computer 24/7 you all would be blessed with at least 5 or more blogs a day. The ideas just pop in and have a way of their own... but unfortunately I lose that train of thought before I can transfer them into the little typed characters on a screen.

Well, this morning, I was talking with Kaleb. He is now 3 years old and very smart. Sometimes I think he may be a little smarter than I give him credit for. He refuses and I mean refuses to to potty train. He will sometimes sit on the potty but that is a rare occasion. Mainly only if he doesn't have to go at all, but time for a dry diaper to be put on his little tushie!

I have been trying to get him to accept this next step in his little man life. He will, after all, have to be potty trained before he starts Preschool next fall. I know I know... That is about 5 months away... but still... 5 months can go by pretty quick.

I have bought him lil man undies, cool Cars pull ups, and even have his favorite cartoon character Dora the Explorer pull ups. I am trying everything! Rewards have been offered and given. Cheerios have been target and trees have been offered for replacement potties. Running around naked is not something he is willing to do. The boy has to have clothes on or he will freak out! And I do not mean that in a small way. He will scream and cry and jump up and down....I WANT MY DIAPER!!! I WANT MY PANTS!!!! WHERE IS MY SHIRT????

When we talk about getting to wear under pants he flips. He will run and hide and then bring me his package of diapers and say see... I have more diapers. Well, I have about 10 diapers left and I have no intentions on buying anymore of them. I have two packages of pull ups after the diapers and am planning that I will not be purchasing anymore absorbent pants for my boy.

He has man poop now... not little baby poop that you can handle changing... NOT AT ALL! His butt is so gross! Well, what comes out of it!!! Sometimes I really have to think about what in the world he has eaten.

Yet, he is the last one and if it takes him a little longer to use the potty this momma won't be too sad... I will cry the day I no longer have to use diapers. It has been 8 years since I have been using them... and when it comes to an end it will be heart breaking... ahhh my baby is growing up!!!! Crazy how I can go from Poop in that potty boy- to don't grow up baby... in point one second.

Well, I am sure you will hear from me again soon... I am have blogging fever.. hahha... So until another time.. much love to you all!